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It has been less than a year since North Country Blue formed, but they have established themselves as one of California’s distinguished bluegrass bands. What sets them apart from other bands is not just their youth, but their creativity, willingness to tackle difficult themes, and respect for tradition. 

Ida Winfree confronted a difficult topic head-on in her original song, “Sacrifice.” The ballad paints the story of a woman’s challenging journey while immigrating to the United States. Daisy Kerr gave a nod to bluegrass roots in her latest original, “Ruby High,” an old time tune. She and her bandmates added an inventive twist with echoing vocals. Even the song, “Little Sadie,” has a fresh interpretation when Megan January sings it. Tessa Schwartz’s fiddling is entirely bluegrass when she performs, “Lee Highway Blues,” but she showcases her sense of humor and ingenuity in original train horn phrases. 

NCB has already been featured in multiple bluegrass festivals. Earlier this year, they performed in the California Bluegrass Association’s 43rd Annual Father’s Day Bluegrass Festival and in the Strawberry Music Festival. Just last weekend NCB performed in the Good Old Fashion Bluegrass Festival, and they will be playing Viva Las VeGrass in October. 

What is NCB’s next venture? A CD release? 

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~August 18, 2018

43rd Annual Father’s Day Bluegrass Festival

Strawberry Music Festival

Newman West Side Theatre

From San Francisco, to Berkeley, to Modesto. 

It was a busy weekend for North Country Blue.  They started out performing Friday night at the La Promenade Cafe in San Francisco as part of Jeanie and Chuck's Free Range Fridays.  What a great crowd there was for that, and the girls had a blast performing!  The next morning they did an impromptu appearance at a sweet little girl's birthday party in Berkeley to play her a few songs and eat bean burritos and cup cakes.  After a day of practicing it was off to Modesto and the Barking Dog for a two hour performance.  It was amazing to see so many familiar faces in the audience, as the California Bluegrass Association folks were out in force at both gigs!  Such a fun weekend and look forward to more performances soon!


Oh, and in case you didn't notice North Country Blue hit the studio a few weeks ago and recorded a few demo songs.  Check them out over on the music link of the website!





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