Ida Winfree (Vocals, Mandolin, Guitar)

Hailing from a long line of West Virginia bluegrass lovers, Ida Winfree is the band’s mandolin player.  She began playing guitar at age seven, and very soon afterward started playing mandolin. Surrounded by bluegrass music at home, she attended her first bluegrass festival, RockyGrass, at the age of two.  At age eight, her dedication to mandolin took off after participating in the California Bluegrass Association’s Youth Academy, at the annual Father’s Day Festival. 

Several years later, she reached out to Daisy, Megan and Tessa and said: “Let’s form an all-girl band!” Now the CBA Youth Ambassador, you can find Ida jamming at bluegrass festivals and campouts throughout the state until the wee hours of the morning.  She will be heading to Raleigh, North Carolina for the 2018 International Bluegrass Music Association as a youth musician participant. 

In her free time, Ida enjoys hanging out with her friends and family, playing music with her dad, and spending time with her beloved dogs: a Jack Russel Terrier, Jimmy Martin; and her new German Shorthaired Pointer puppy, Ralph Stanley.