Tessa Schwartz (Vocals, Fiddle)


Tessa Schwartz, 16, is the band’s fiddler, highest harmony singer and lead raconteur. Tessa picked up the fiddle at age 5 and played with her family bluegrass band, Oak Grove, for several years, before joining another successful youth bluegrass band, 35 Years of Trouble. She has played with each of her bands at the California Bluegrass Association (CBA)’s Father’s Day Festival, starting at the age of 6. Tessa is also an avid teacher, having taught at summer camps such as Fiddlekids and the CBA Youth Academy. She also teaches at Manning Music Studios in Berkeley and, in 2018, founded a bluegrass music program at her former middle school. Tessa is the current Youth Ambassador for the California Bluegrass Association.